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Our Founder Erdem Erkul, VP of Business Development Tolga Tunç and VP of R&D Alp Eren Özalp attended the event organized by @DIGITALEUROPE and Digital Turkey Platform and took part in the discussions on the development of cooperation between Turkey and the European Union in the field of Information and Communication Technologies.

More than 70,000 participants, 2,608 startups and 906 investors came together at the world’s largest technology event. As Cerebrum Tech, we exhibited our AI assistant Cere and Cere Insight. Our founder Erdem Erkul gave a speech covering the future of technology and the Türkiye’s startup ecosystem, and we discussed our products and vision with many […]

Cerebrum Tech added another milestone to its goal of becoming a global technology hub by opening its own Web3, R&D and Innovation Center in Bilkent Cyberpark. Korean Ambassador Won Ik Lee also attended the opening, which was held simultaneously with Get in The Ring, one of the most prestigious entrepreneurship and start-up competitions in the […]

Cerebrum Tech, Turkey’s new generation technology company, has signed for the future of education with the Esınav Merkezi. Within the scope of the cooperation, students using the Akıllı Sınav training module, a product of the Esınav Merkezi, are offered personalized education in line with the needs determined by artificial intelligence.Rapidly developing technology also directs education […]

Cerebrum Tech’s virtual reality contribution to apiculture Turkey’s rising technology company Cerebrum Tech developed the “VR Beekeeping Education Module” with  Ankara University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and GFDS, and the training is proceeding. Founder and chairman of Cerebrum Tech, Erdem Erkul says “In the last three months, 275 students got trained for 30 hours on […]

Turkey’s new generation technology company Cerebrum Tech introduced the Cereverse ecosystem. In Cereverse, which provides experience in many fields from economy to health, from education to entertainment, users contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with their actions in the digital world. Cerebrum Tech Founder and Chairman of the Board Dr. R. Erdem Erkul […]