275 students have learned apiculture via virtual reality

Cerebrum Tech’s virtual reality contribution to apiculture

Turkey’s rising technology company Cerebrum Tech developed the “VR Beekeeping Education Module” with  Ankara University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and GFDS, and the training is proceeding. Founder and chairman of Cerebrum Tech, Erdem Erkul says “In the last three months, 275 students got trained for 30 hours on apiculture with virtual reality technology. Those youth that learned apiculture in depth thanks to virtual reality is ready to work in the field more than ever.”

To make the world a much more habitable and sustainable, Cerebrum Tech’s Founder and chairman Dr. R. Erdem Erkul remarked that “VR Beekeeping Education Module” completing students have started to work in the field. While noting their purpose as developing innovative solutions to world’s problems, Erkul also added “With this project, we break new ground in apiculture, which is highly critical to creating a sustainable ecological balance. With the hosting of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Ankara University and GFDS (Global Future Designs and Solutions), we have initiated this project and become a pioneer. We integrated academicians’ knowledge and experience with our competence in VR. This resulted in productivity and convenience for beekeeping education.”

The world is our hive, we must keep it sustainable

Erkul reported that the students who used the “VR Beekeeping Education Module” learned beekeeping in-depth and they got to experience before working in the field and continued “We, as Cerebrum Tech, aim for contributing to natural life and business sector, as well as the education of future generations.”

The aim is Turkey’s advancement in apiculture

Turkey is ranked as the second-biggest producer worldwide of honey production with 8.2 million hives and nearly 100 thousand tons of yearly production. To enhance this performance, even more, Cerebrum Tech intends to prevent improper practices and lower the negative effects of the global climate crisis on bees. We work for the sustainability of our world, which is fairly our hive, we believe in the youth and we leap forward with this belief. In this respect, with university-private sector collaboration, we integrated academicians’ knowledge and experience with our competence in VR and created an education module on apiculture education and productivity.

Cerebrum Tech:Cerebrum Tech, Turkey’s next generation tech company providing effective and sustainable solutions during the digital transformation was established in 2021. With a staff of experts in their fields, Cerebrum Tech develops innovative and global-standard applications in the fields of smart cities, metaverse, sustainability and cybersecurity, as well as robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, data security and consulting. Sectors of activity include smart urbanism, education, health, industry, automotive and defense industries. Cerebrum Tech continues to operate in its offices located in Silicon Valley, Istanbul, Ankara, Seoul, London and the Netherlands, while moving with the vision of becoming a reliable and leading tech company. It aims to be an international tech ‘hub’ that believes in the potential of youth.