AI for Sustainability

Slide #AIforSustainability AI for Sustainability

AI has the potential to accelerate global efforts to protect the environment and resources by helping to develop greener transport networks, monitoring deforestation and predicting extreme weather conditions.

60 %

By 2050, 60% of the world's population is expected to live in cities.

10 million hectares

Between 2015 and 2020, 10 million hectares of forest were destroyed each year.

30 %

World Bank estimates show that, on average, 30% of an organization's water is lost into the network as non-revenue water (NRW).

45 %

Last year, just in North America, 45% of honey bees perished.

Artificial intelligence for a sustainable future

The consequences of global warming and rapid urbanization have caused new problems whose consequences will affect the whole world. Data analytics and artificial intelligence will play a crucial role in solving these problems. As Cerebrum Tech, we are creating innovative solutions to humanity’s recent problems by developing pioneering artificial intelligence solutions for disaster management and efficient use of resources.

Beekeeping and Smart Agriculture Solutions

Data Analysis and Anomaly Detection with Artificial Intelligence

Instant alerts and periodic reports are generated by detecting possible disruptions and anomalies in agricultural activities.

Agricultural Education with Virtual Reality

By transferring agricultural education to the virtual environment, it is ensured that the theoretical trainings are transferred to practice with virtual reality.

Wildfire Detection

Image Processing with Artificial Intelligence

Trained models are capable to detect forest fires with extremely high accuracy.

Instant Alert System

Video image is processed on the cameras at real time with highly efficient on-board GPUs.

Reporting of Fire Findings

The web interface allows reporting and monitoring of past fire findings.

Computing Capabilities on Edge Device

Fire detection can be made even in cases where the data link and 4G connections are insufficient for video transfer.

Water Leak Detection

Cerebrum Tech water leak detection relies entirely on data analysis.Water leak sound analysis technology is necessary for pinpointing the location of water leak.

Customer-Specific Solutions

Performance based Project with different level is recommended for businesses.Water leak reduction can bring a huge economic benefit to customers.

Scalable Operating Model

Water leak points can be detected through 3 steps. This technology has been verified in 15 various locations in the world. 1 staff member can collect approximately 110 water leak sounds a day.