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More than 70,000 participants, 2,608 startups and 906 investors came together at the world's largest technology event. As Cerebrum Tech, we exhibited our AI assistant Cere and Cere Insight. Our founder Erdem Erkul gave a speech covering the future of technology and the Türkiye’s startup ecosystem, and we discussed our products and vision with many investors and participants.

Web Summit
Cerebrum Tech made its debut in the world of mobile applications with Cere, a virtual character powered by artificial intelligence

Cerebrum Tech, a cutting-edge technology company in Turkey, has unveiled its latest innovation - the artificial intelligence application 'Cere'.

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Cerebrum Tech Received 50 Million TL Investment Led By Boğaziçi Ventures!

Cerebrum Tech received an investment of 50 million TL, based on a valuation of 420 million TL, with the participation of individual and institutional investors, under the leadership of Boğaziçi Ventures.

Cereverse Has Been Selected for Plug and Play’s Accelerator Program in Malta

Plug and Play has accepted Cereverse to speed up Cereverse’s global expansion plans in Sustainability-focused Web 3.0 and Metaverse Arena

Cereverse Has Been Selected for Plug and Play's Accelerator Program

Plug and Play has accepted Cereverse to speed up Cereverse’s global expansion plans in Sustainability-focused Web 3.0 and Metaverse Arena

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Turkey to be new India in mobile software world, says investor

Although there are countries such as India and China behind the trained manpower in many areas such as software, coding and the use of low-code platforms, Turkish companies, with strong investment and technological breakthrough, try to make Turkey "software giant," investor Erdem Erkul has stated on March 9.

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AI assistant Cere is breaking new ground at Ankara Science University, attending the "Shakespeare in Class" course led by Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Demir.

Open to students from all classes, this innovative move highlights AI's potential to enhance learning experiences and foster interaction in education.

Ankara Bilim Üniversitesi
Turkish tech company Cerebrum introduces Cereverse ecosystem

Turkish technology company Cerebrum Tech introduced the Cereverse ecosystem, which makes it possible to support needs in many fields from economy to health, from education to entertainment with production in the digital world

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Turkish, South Korean cooperation to ensure efficiency in water resources

As problems such as pollution, climate change and aridness develop into more prevalent issues, the role that technology could play in preserving natural resources and providing humanity with a more sustainable way of living becomes more curious.

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Telehealth services to expand rapidly: Experts

“We see that telehealth services have increased with the pandemic. People are afraid of being in a hospital setting, but they can also suffer from many chronic diseases that require constant follow-up,” said Dr. Erdem Erkul, founder of Cerebrum Tech.

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