Letter from the Chairman

Letter from the Chairman

With the development of technology, the world began to change at a very high speed. This change has rapidly transformed society, cultures, individuals, and habits. Today, society and technology have become inseparable from one another. They have a co-dependent relationship that co-influence and co-produce. Therefore, they have a cyclical nature that affects each other.

I have had a great passion for technology since I was young. Therefore, it always had an especially important place in my life. I was lucky to have people who had the same excitement and curiosity about what was yet to be discovered because Cerebrum Tech was built on this passion and curiosity.

Our vision while establishing Cerebrum Tech was formed by the interrelationship of two building blocks: Society and Technology. We seek the knowledge that we have yet to discover. Therefore, our mission is to find solutions to the global problems of this world. With this mission, we aim to empower every industry we are part of with our technologies and make a difference for society and the world.

We want to solve the global problems of the world with our new-generation technologies, be a leader in digital transformation, and inspire young people in the field of entrepreneurship. With our solutions and products, by establishing a strong ecosystem, we want to be a global technology hub.

Furthermore, we are aware of our responsibility towards the world. For this reason, one of our important focus areas is to work for a sustainable and livable world. It is a fundamental element of our company. We produce products and solutions to contribute to sustainability. As Cerebrum Tech, we use our innovation power to create long-term value for society. In addition, we believe that sustainable businesses and profitable growth must proceed hand in hand.

In this marathon, we are a team passionate about technology and want to steer digital transformation and develop pioneering artificial intelligence solutions for a sustainable society and world.

R. Erdem Erkul, PhD