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We seek the knowledge that we yet to discover.


Our Focus Solution Areas

Data is the new oil of the digital age

Data and analytics are the key accelerant of an organization’s digitization and transformation efforts. In that respect, Cerebrum Tech positions data analysis to the center of the digitalization solutions. We offer state of the art and tailor-made AI powered data analytics solutions to our customers.


The best book-keeper of the digital era

Blockchain solutions are a promising step forward for businesses as an instrument for sending, receiving, and storing data in a secure environment. As Cerebrum Tech, we provide comprehensive and intuitive blockchain solutions to our customers to empower their operations while securing their data.


Machines that can see, think and speak will change the future

The dependence of digital transformation on AI is of utmost importance as it can help companies accelerate their Digitization processes. Cerebrum Tech provides state of art AI solutions that specialized on computer vision to companies and governments.


The boundary between digital and real will disappear through AR

Virtual and augmented reality enhances people’s and organization’s interaction to the insights that is critical to their business processes. Cerebrum Tech provides AR and VR solutions to its customers to empower their work environment with both real and virtual elements.


Digital safes against the digital criminals

Digitalization process mandates that every data of organizations must be present on digital environment. This policy brings the risk of digital security that may take down mission critical services or possible data leaks that could be disastrous. As Cerebrum Tech, we provide cyber security platforms that protect our customers data and their prestige.


Mobility is the key of digital productivity

As all of our business shifts to digital space, organizations, governments and citizens should access the data on the go at any time. Cerebrum Tech allows organizations to deploy and use intuitive and responsive applications that allows people to work on any device without the limitation.


Robots will walk and work among us on the next decade

Automation is the key to increase productivity on every single sector. With machines that could think we will have digital and mechanical companions that work with us. Cerebrum Tech provides a tailor made automatization road map to their customers to make them more competitive.

Cereverse is the ultimate metaverse where your efforts, interactions and experiences in the digital world enable our lovely planet Earth to become a more livable and sustainable place.

Cereverse is our virtual world where people are not only empowered to socialize, explore, have fun, celebrate and work in harmony, but also contribute and give back to the real world with their actions in the metaverse.



Discover Cereverse

Cereverse is the ultimate metaverse ecosystem where your efforts, interactions and experiences in the digital world enable our lovely planet Earth to become a more livable and sustainable place.

Digitalization Road Map For Every Organization

Cerebrum Tech provides digitalization road map to every organization with three steps. We start with consultancy that includes developing new digital transformation projects and sporting our customers to find right path on digitalization. On the second step we provide public policy analysis that closely follows and analyses legislations and public policy for discovering new business opportunities. On third step we create a pioneering technology ecosystem in the fields of niche technology.

Our Focus Sectors

Cerebrum Tech will create value-added projects with its innovative solutions primarily in Turkey and afterwards it aims to position these solutions in the global market through international cooperation for all the sectors mentioned.


Cerebrum Tech will focus on value-added digital healthcare projects to support the efficiency of the industry by improving citizen satisfaction.


For Cerebrum Tech education is the core industry that helps society to become a pioneer in the digital transformation.


We will focus on the projects that aim to minimize operational inefficiencies, manage daily risks, and provide simultaneous assistance for finance industry.

Public Sector

One of the top priorities of Cerebrum Tech is to construct new projects with the vision of “Digital Governments” to strengthen the relations between citizen and the government.


We, as Cerebrum Tech, are very eager to cooperate with automotive industry to make value-added contributions to their digital journey.


From production to quality control, maintenance of equipment to work safety issues, we will have solutions to track each of the fundamental processes in manufacturing.


We will be a trusted digitalization partner of defense industry with our innovative solutions to increase resilience and unleash growth.


Our technology will solve some of the large and growing challenges of urbanization and provide solutions that consider environment and sustainability.

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