A new ecosystem for a more sustainable and livable world from Cerebrum Tech: Cereverse

Turkey’s new generation technology company Cerebrum Tech introduced the Cereverse ecosystem. In Cereverse, which provides experience in many fields from economy to health, from education to entertainment, users contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with their actions in the digital world. Cerebrum Tech Founder and Chairman of the Board Dr. R. Erdem Erkul said, “Although we take a lot from the world, we give back much less in return. One of our most important responsibilities is to provide better living conditions for future generations with developing technology while protecting nature. With the Cereverse ecosystem, we aim to produce the most value while providing the best experience in many areas.”.

Producing technologies that shape the future, Cerebrum Tech continues to be a pioneer with effective and sustainable solutions in digital transformation. Cerebrum Tech introduced the Cereverse ecosystem, which makes it possible to support needs in many fields from economy to health, from education to entertainment with production in the digital world. The Cereverse ecosystem leverages blockchain, web 3.0, NFT and metaverse technologies to provide the best experience for users and generate the highest value.

Contribution to the UN Sustainability Goals

CereCity, the 3D digital smart city that was created to make the world a more livable and sustainable place, is not just a place where people socialize, explore, have fun, celebrate and work in harmony. At the same time, it is a place for people where they contribute to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals with the activities they carry out, their production, the events they participate in and the tasks they complete. All actions and activities in Cerecity are designed and constructed to support productivity and contribute to the real world. This digital smart city has everything… CereCity, which has many activity areas such as an education institute, science laboratory, shopping center, art gallery, movie theater and sports complex, aims to slow down the consumption of resources in our physical world while offering people digital accessibility in different areas. With the production areas in CereCity, various activities can be carried out from manufacturing and retail to agriculture and animal husbandry, forestry to mining. In these production areas, people have the opportunity to learn and practice how to produce more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly way in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Cerebrum Tech Business Development Director and Cereverse Project Leader Mustafa Furkan Örs said, “The idea and world of metaverse existed only with the concept of games and socialization in previous years. However, this trend has now started to turn into a form where people can interact and produce in those ecosystems. With the Cereverse ecosystem, we aim to contribute to our physical world with the activities and tasks we will perform in the digital world, thus transforming the current consumption economy into a more sustainable consumption and more efficient production.’’.

Building a new ecosystem with digital assets and DAOs

Tokens and NFTs, which are digital asset units, will be used for transactions on Cereverse. These assets will provide users with digital ownership, collectability, transfer of value, accessibility and interoperability. Cereverse users will be able to temporarily or permanently own a variety of digital assets such as avatars, items and supplies, tickets, collectibles and keys. The NFT Marketplace application, where these assets will be traded, will allow the use of traditional and new generation payment methods at the same time to make users feel more comfortable.

The DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, will be responsible for the management of the Cereverse ecosystem. By listening to the wishes, needs and concerns of the community, it will ensure the continuous improvement and development of the ecosystem, as well as ensure its management in a transparent and impartial manner in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in order to use the income obtained from the ecosystem with the goal of a more livable and sustainable world.

“We give back to the world what we take from the world”

Cerebrum Tech Founder and Chairman of the Board Dr. R. Erdem Erkul said, “Our world has limited resources with humanity’s current carbon footprint dwindling faster than ever before. As a society, although we take a lot from the world to live, socialize, have fun, work, produce and consume, we give back much less in return. One of our most important responsibilities is to provide better living conditions for future generations with developing technology while protecting nature. The Cereverse ecosystem also aims to establish a positive and sustainable link between technology and the environment by making use of emerging concepts such as blockchain, web 3.0, metaverse, NFT and DAO.”.

“Metaverse will make a revolutionary impact”

Erkul said that with Web 3.0, personalized products can be produced for everyone, and a new virtual world has begun where every user is also a content producer. He stated that a new digital world is being built that provides the combination of the real and virtual worlds, allowing people to communicate and even move through different devices. Erkul added, “The metaverse, which allows us to experience both the real and virtual worlds at the same time, will have a revolutionary effect due to the innovations it contains. In this way, our physical and digital presence will become more integrated, in fact, the time we currently spend on screens will become more enjoyable, lively and productive.”.

Sharing Gartner’s predictions about the metaverse, Erkul said that by 2026, 25 percent of all people are expected to spend at least one hour a day in the metaverse in some areas such as work, shopping, education or entertainment/culture.

Metaverse will shape production and education

  • Thanks to digital-based experience in many different sectors such as fashion houses, clothing companies and furniture manufacturers, personalized shopping opportunities will emerge in the metaverse, while production efficiency will increase and waste will decrease thanks to direct customer-oriented design.
  • Implementing hybrid and remote working models in the metaworld will become much easier and more fun. With the increase in socialization and effective communication in the virtual world, teamwork will bring more productive results.
  • Metaverse will become the most important instrument that will enable equality in education. Thanks to applied education opportunities, learning in the metaverse will be supported by virtual experiences, thus content accessibility and quality will increase. Application based lectures such as experiments and laboratories will become more enjoyable and productive with virtual reality tools. Experiments can be carried out in a much safer environment.
  • In Metaverse, apart from supporting educational institutions, natural disaster drills and occupational safety trainings will be held in a much faster and safer environment. Applications and simulations that will reduce the risk of loss of life and property will be created by professionals and made available to everyone.
  • Thanks to the remote support solutions to be used by healthcare professionals and candidates, the new era with the motto of “accessible healthcare services for everyone” will begin for people all over the world with the disappearance of physical borders. Students and healthcare professionals will have the opportunity to experience a closest way of reality in the digital environments of the metaverse for the subjects they cannot work on cases, cadavers and surgical operations.

Cerebrum Tech:

Turkey’s new generation technology company, Cerebrum Tech, which offers effective and sustainable solutions for digital transformation, was founded in 2021. Cerebrum Tech with its expert staff; develops applications at global standards in the fields of smart cities, metaverse, sustainability and cyber security, as well as robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, data security and consultancy. Its operating sectors include smart cities, education, health, industry, automotive and defense industries. While Cerebrum Tech advances with the vision of being a reliable and leading technology company, it continues its activities in offices located in Silicon Valley, Istanbul, Seoul, Ankara, London and the Netherlands. It aims to be an international technology hub that believes in the potential of young people.