In cooperation with Cerebrum Tech and Akıllı Sınav… Great support for students with artificial intelligence-based personalized education

Cerebrum Tech, Turkey’s new generation technology company, has signed for the future of education with the Esınav Merkezi. Within the scope of the cooperation, students using the Akıllı Sınav training module, a product of the Esınav Merkezi, are offered personalized education in line with the needs determined by artificial intelligence.
Rapidly developing technology also directs education as it does in many areas of life. With technology-supported personalized education programs, students gain speed and efficiency as well as a goal-oriented learning process.
Turkey’s new generation technology company Cerebrum Tech has made high value-added cooperation with Turkey’s first and only artificial intelligence-supported education portal and practice exam center, Esınav Merkezi.
Cerebrum Tech Founder, the solution partner of the artificial intelligence supported training module of the Esınav Merkezi, Erdem Erkul said; “Developing innovative solutions in education is of great importance for the future of our country. As Cerebrum Tech, we are happy to implement projects that will provide added value in education to many of our stakeholders, from universities to private educational institutions. We believe and trust our youth. We find it very valuable to share our knowledge and experience with them and to make a difference in their education by using digital technologies.”.
Esınav Merkezi Founding Partner Cemil Akça said that Cerebrum Tech’s solution partnership is very rewarding. Akça added, “As the Esınav Merkezi, we aim to offer the best facilities for the service of students. It comes to life with Cerebrum Tech so that every student can access the personalized education they need. We believe that our cooperation will make a difference in the education of many of our students.”.

What is Akıllı Sınav?
The Akıllı Sınav training module is known as a question-based student development platform that is supported by artificial intelligence and provides personalized education. Akıllı Sınav also improves itself while getting to know students and educating them according to their needs. It works to be the leading institution in Turkey in educational science and related technologies and to ensure that every student can access the personalized education they need.

Cerebrum Tech:
Turkey’s new generation technology company, Cerebrum Tech, which offers effective and sustainable solutions for digital transformation, was founded in 2021. Cerebrum Tech operates in; smart cities, metaverse, sustainability, and cyber security, it develops innovative and global standards applications in the fields of robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, data security, and consultancy with its expert staff. Its operating sectors include smart urbanism, education, health, industry, automotive, and defense industries. As Cerebrum Tech advances with the vision of being a reliable and leading technology company, it continues its activities in Silicon Valley, with offices located in Istanbul, Seoul, Ankara, London, and the Netherlands. It aims to be an international technology hub that believes in the potential of young people.