Detects Water Leaks with Sound Analysis Saves Up to 50 Percent

Turkey’s next-generation technology company Cerebrum Tech uses ‘sound analysis technology’ to save up to 50 percent of clean water getting lost through leaks. The founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cerebrum Tech, Dr. Erdem Erkul remarked that with the ‘Detection of Water Leaks’ project, 456 million 250 thousand liters of water can be saved in a city with a population of 40 thousand. “Sound analysis technology, which allows one worker to detect around 110 water leakage per day, is highly labor efficient,” said Dr. Erkul.

Water maintains its fundamental importance as an indispensable element of life. Turkey holds a strategic position on the global water sources, which is an irreplaceable resource. Aiming to broaden the use of technologies compatible with the ecological environment to protect water sources, Cerebrum Tech saves businesses up to 50 percent of the clean water getting lost through leaks with its ‘Detection of Water Leaks’ projects.

‘Sound analysis technology’ is at the core of the ‘Detection of Water Leaks’ project which was developed to increase efficiency in water management by Cerebrum Tech and their South Korean partners Wi.plat. In this system, the sound of the water leaks, pressure, and water flow data are collected with the equipment called Sonic M1, and M2. They are analyzed by software developed by Cerebrum Tech to determine the exact location of the leakage in the network.

Massive economic benefits

Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cerebrum Tech Dr. Erdem Erkul mention that reducing water leakage will have massive economic benefits as well as ecological ones. Dr. Erkul explained that two projects will be offered based on the level of performance, Level 1 and Level 2. He mentioned that 273 million 750 thousand liters of water could be saved in a city of 40 thousand residents with Level 1 which offers a 30 percent reduction. Level 2 offers a 50 percent reduction which could save up to 456 million 250 thousand liters of water in a city of 40 thousand. Dr. Erkul pointed out that more than 100 Olympic pools can be filled with the 273 million liters of water saved with Level 1 and above 180 with Level 2.

Increase in Labor Efficiency

Emphasizing that the ‘Detection of Water Leaks’ project also increases labor efficiency in detecting water leaks, Dr. Erkul said “1 worker can detect up to 110 water leaks in a single day.” Dr. Erkul added that the ‘Detection of Water Leaks’ project has reached the implementation stage with many municipalities in Turkey.

Cerebrum Tech:

Cerebrum Tech, Turkey’s next generation tech company providing effective and sustainable solutions during the digital transformation was established in 2021. With a staff of experts in their fields, Cerebrum Tech develops innovative and global-standard applications in the fields of smart cities, metaverse, sustainability and cybersecurity, as well as robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, data security and consulting. Sectors of activity include smart urbanism, education, health, industry, automotive and defense industries. Cerebrum Tech continues to operate in its offices located in Silicon Valley, Istanbul, Ankara, Seoul, London and the Netherlands, while moving with the vision of becoming a reliable and leading tech company. It aims to be an international tech ‘hub’ that believes in the potential of youth.