Robotic Process Automation

Cerebrum Tech Solutions

Robotic Process Automation

Cerebrum Tech RPA is a powerful tool that uses software robots to automate processes previously performed by humans. Process flows can be created by dragging and dropping items onto a canvas; and using a set of standard activities that provide robust control of web browsers and standard applications such as Microsoft Office, SAP, and others. Artificial intelligence-powered RPA includes computer vision. Unlike standard easily breakable standard RPA tools that rely on sensitive data capture methods; Wand reduces errors, support, and management costs while expanding the scope of automation addressed. By providing the best customer experience, Automation of mundane and routine tasks will ensure the focus is on winning and retaining the business.

Key Benefits

  • Free-up people from mundane and repetitive tasks
  • Processes performed to a consistently high standard and speed with 24/7 availability
  • Easy process creation and scalability
  • AI-powered bots for superior resilience and the ability to handle application changes
  • Rapid ROI
  • Support for attended and unattended bots
  • Real-time bot management and reporting tools

Key Features

  • AI-powered process automation for performance and resilience
  • Simple enough for business users with the power needed by IT users
  • Rapid drag-and-drop process assembly
  • Easy, cloud-based, one-click deployment - Standard activities for robust control over browsers and standard apps such as Microsoft Office, SAP and others
  • Cloud-based portal for bot management
  • Extensive integration options including additional options for Create

Call Center Automation

Automatic Call Handling

Handling calls is easy when a speech bot auto answers and directs 70% of your calls. Handle the rest through automated switchboard operators. Send calls to any device at any location. Make use of a central directory, add notes to contacts, and support camp-ons.

Save Time on Call Handling

Spend less time waiting for your call to be directed and save time for what really matters. Our sophisticated speech bot makes managing your calls easier.

Reduce Costs

Get rid of expensive power plant vehicles. Set priority calls. Manage calls with one interface and one login. With full visibility and easy function keys, forward the next call to operators automatically.

Speech Recognition and Automatic Routing

The speech recognition IVR system directs calls reliably and accurately and becomes your polite and efficient front-line operator in a short time. It supports both internal and external calls; enabling customers and personnel to save time while waiting for their calls to be answered

Unified Messaging Tool

Our conversational messaging solution transforms your smart, on-demand self-service customer experience goals. Deliver timely and effective customer experience on every channel for every customer. Let your customers self-serve or rely on intermediaries for the most efficient results.