Telehealth Solution

Telehealth Solution

While Cerebrum Tech Telehealtth application reduces hospital visits of patients, it provides innovative solutions for patient relatives and healthcare professionals in the follow-up of chronic diseases, elderly and pediatric patients.

Key Features

Reduce Hospital Visits per Patient

24/7 online chat with healthcare professionals allows patients to communicate with doctors without visiting the hospital.

All Health Data at One Place

Telehealth app will automatically store and process patient’s measurements so they can examine graphics and charts.

No more cables, Much more options!

TeleHealth app uses Bluetooth integration to avoid using cables and gateways. Users are not restricted to a single brand or device. We allow for a wide and increasing range of global brands and models to be used with our mobile application.

In App Secure Payments

Patients may pay for health care services via an integrated secure credit card payment system or bank transfer.

Tracking Family Members

Our app allows users to keep up with their cared ones. Users can monitor their family members’ health status, medicine schedule and readings from medical devices.