As Cerebrum Tech, we offer solutions that are applicable to various scenarios and needs through our scalable and fast artificial intelligence image analysis.

Cerebeye is a revolutionary AI-powered smart camera technology that takes traditional surveillance to the next level Cerebeye can identify and track people and objects with precision using its advanced motion detection and tracking capabilities. Additionally, it can recognize critical situations such as falls, fires, and the presence of firearms. And it’s suitable for various areas such as public spaces, large shopping centers, airports, schools, etc. With Cerebeye, you can have peace of mind knowing your surveillance is always one step ahead.

  • Data analysis both on edge and in the cloud
  • Artificial intelligence models that are updated simultaneously while working
  • Over 200.000 previously trained models
  • Models that can be customized and retrained according to needs and scenarios
  • Instant notifications and detailed data analysis

Working Model and Usage Scheme