Analysis and Decision Support Platform

Cerebrum Tech Solutions

Analysis and Decision Support Platform

Key Benefits

  • Optimizing Processes
  • Data-Oriented Organizational Planning
  • Creating Original Model
  • Needs Analysis
  • Efficient Use of Data Sources
  • Resource Waste Prevention
  • Quick Access to Correct Information
  • Result Oriented Systems
  • Accelerating the Decision-Making Process
  • Digitizing Business Processes
  • System Continuity
  • Automated Decisions
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Web-based Operation
  • Automated Decisions
  • Quick Response in Unexpected Situations
  • Meaningful Projections with Future Forecasting

Data Analysis and Decision Support System Process

Cerebrum Tech, Data Analysis and Decision Support Platform, produces holistic solutions in all stages of data processing and including these data in decision processes.

1) Digitalization

It is the process of transferring information and available resources to digital media that can be read and processed by a computer.

3) Data Mining

It is a system that shows the performance of institutions and organizations based on data and presents projections about the future.

2) Creating a Data Warehouse

It is an infrastructure system that can provide summary reports to decision makers by combining data from different sources in a single center.

4) Reportings

In order to make strategic decisions, appropriate, up-to-date and goal-oriented visual reports are presented to every decision maker.