Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber Security Solutions

Cerebrum Tech creates a security chain compatible with corporate workflows with its advanced and scalable platforms in cyber security, from network security to mobile device management. It provides consultancy on data protection and secure access in digital transformation processes with its expert teams with extensive experience in cyber security.


Mobile Security Solutions

Cerebrum Tech Mobile security solutions provide a platform with advanced capabilities for mobile security and remote management of mobile devices.

Network Access Control

Cerebrum Tech Network Access Control System is the first step of network security, the simplest but one of the most effective methods. With access control, no unauthorized client or user can be found on the network.

Guest Network Manager

The Cerebrum Guest Network Management system can increase the quality of the paid or free internet service in public areas, create an easier network management and prevent unauthorized access to the network. With WiFi Hotspot technology, special security protocols can be applied to make internet access available.

Policy Manager

Cerebrum Policy Manager, working on the RADIUS protocol, can adapt to different databases. The communication between the user and the server is encrypted with privatekey, so the password is never sent over the network.