App Development Platform

Cerebrum Tech Solutions

App Development Platform

Cerebrum Tech app development platform enables you to access and enhance web, iOS and Android applications through a single channel and distribute these applications within an institution.

Enhanced production efficiency

  • Easy app design with drag & drop
  • Achieve a perfect visual on iOS and Android for and form factor with FlexLayout4
  • Create an enterprise-speci
  • JavaScript source code generation
Single Codebase and Unification

Develop high quality native iOS and Android mobile apps and single-page web apps in a unified platform that bridges low-code citizen development with full code development in JavaScript/TypeScript.

Smart UI Kits for Best Practices

Apply your company typography, branding and theme to the building blocks for faster development. By minimizing your dependency on visual designers, you can focus more on developing your user interface.

Instant Preview and Deployment

Preview your app on a real device or on a virtual device instantly and update seamlessly as you make changes. No need for waiting for compilation or attaching cables.

Knowledge Base

Design and develop your enterprise components or utilize the readily available components in the Smartface ecosystem and provide them as building blocks to your citizen developers.

Design Editor for Citizen Developers

Develop the user interface of your app with the intuitive WYSIWYG design editor with auto code generation. The design fits multiple resolutions and devices with no effort.