Many Tech Ecosysystem Stakeholders were together Launch of Cerebrum Tech, “Turkey’s New Face of Technology”

The successful name of technology and business world Dr. R. Erdem Erkul, shared his new journey which will bring a new breath to Turkey in the technology and innovation field, with an online live broadcast for technology experts and press members at Cer Modern.

Erkul, together with his teammates, defined his new initative “Cerebrum Tech” as “a technology company which will be a leader in digital transformation, have a strong ecosystem, open our country to the world with our solutions and products, and inspire young people in the field of entrepreneurship. He underlined that the Cerebrum Tech has team members who believe Turkey’s potential in this journey, are technology ambitious, want to give direction to digital transformation, and has deep experience and entrepreneurial spirit.

Cerebrum Tech’s main business areas composed of 7 focus technologies. These are artificial intelligence, data analytics, robotics, block chain, mobile application development, AR/VR simulations and cyber security. As an important note, announcement regarding the opening of CerebrumTech’s Ankara, Istanbul, San Francisco, London, and Seoul offices were also made during the meeting.

“The Importance of Inspiring Young People”

Erkul who represented the global technology giants in the country and abroad for many years, states that he aims to build a leading technology ecosystem in Turkey and in the world with his new enterprise. Also, he emphasized the importance of inspiring the young generations. “The ratio of the young population to the total population in our country is 15.6%, and we are ranked first among 28 EU countries with this rate. Young people are a very significant target for us because they are the ones who are involved in digital transformation and know technology best. For this reason, their presence in digital transformation journey of our country and their inclusion in our large technology ecosystem is extremely crucial. Digital generations are beginning to shape today’s and future business world. Today, our young people have high usage rates on internet, taking part in social media, playing games. This makes many people nervous, but we prefer to approach this situation from a very different perspective. In fact, they adopt digital transformation skills and future professions more easily. We care about them to improve themselves by taking online trainings in many areas such as coding, programming, artificial intelligence, data science, digital marketing, and communication. In addition, our young people’s appetite for new initiatives in the field of technology is increasing day by day. At this point, we want to inspire young people to believe in achieving their goals by raising their entrepreneurial spirit and to create value in our country’s digital transformation. “

“An initiative that rises from Turkey with the aim of being one of the leading tech companies at global scale”

By stating that as the Cerebrum Tech team, they aim to create a digital transformation ecosystem by bringing together passions and resources, Erkul routed the question, “Don’t you think it’s the time?” to the participants and also added “In the future, we will grow and develop this ecosystem both locally and globally. Our country has a huge potential. There is a need to extract this potential as soon as possible, and we have an appetite to fulfill this need. We are ready to create our dynamic, change embracer and growing ecosystem with our deep-rooted experience and skills.”