Digitalization Road Map For Every Organization

Cerebrum Tech provides digitalization road map to every organization with three steps. We start with consultancy that includes developing new digital transformation projects and supporting our customers to find right path on digitalization. On the second step we provide public policy analysis that closely follows and analyses legislations and public policy for discovering new business opportunities. On third step we create a pioneering technology ecosystem in the fields of niche technology.


Cerebrum Tech will focus on value-added digital healthcare projects to support the efficiency of the industry by improving citizen satisfaction.


For Cerebrum Tech education is the core industry that helps society to become a pioneer in the digital transformation.


We will be a trusted digitalization partner of defense industry with our innovative solutions to increase resilience and unleash growth.

Public Sector

One of the top priorities of Cerebrum Tech is to construct new projects with the vision of “Digital Governments” to strengthen the relations between citizen and the government.


We, as Cerebrum Tech, are very eager to cooperate with automotive industry to make value-added contributions to their digital journey.


We will focus on the projects that aim to minimize operational inefficiencies, manage daily risks, and provide simultaneous assistance for finance industry.


From production to quality control, maintenance of equipment to work safety issues, we will have solutions to track each of the fundamental processes in manufacturing.